The dubbing studio of Pannónia Filmstúdió was built back in the 50s, when Hűvösvölgyi road was called Vöröshadsereg (Red Army) road, yet the history of dubbing dates back much earlier. In the beginning the dubbing industry could not afford to have its headquarters in the well-to-do 2nd district of Buda. Gradually more and more foreign films were dubbed and the demand for a larger studio arose. The law requiring feature films to be dubbed was passed in July, 1935, which paved the way for the golden age of the dubbing industry. The cinematic yearbook of 1936 recalls: „Both houses adopted unanimously the bill on dubbing after a long debate, as a result of this; the dubbing industry was established completely in autumn.
Hence, Hungarian language was spread and cultivated not only via domestic film making, but –even if only to a small extent- via dubbing, as well, similarly to the Italian example. With the help of dubbing there is hope that foreign movies will be available and screened in Hungarian movie theatres with Hungarian dubbing from the next year.