Alpár Balázs

film music


Composing music for film and media

Applied composition and sound design for feature films, animated movies, stage shows and events - with a special focus on hybrid symphonic styles. Company leader Balázs Alpár is a multi-award winning film composer with a vast international experience in various genre fields.


Film music councelling and supervision

With 15+ years of work experience in applied music composition and production we aid the communication between directors and music creators by providing the best story-telling solutions in musical and sound concepts. We offer temp track compilation and consultation on musical character development ideas.


Teaching & music coaching

One-on-one and group courses, corporate training and workshops with interactive music sessions for both beginners and advanced musicians of any age. Private lessons in the fields of composition and music theory, applied composition and studio technology.


Arranging, orchestration, notation

Arrangement of pieces for various ensembles in numerous styles and genres. Preparing MIDI and audio files. Notation, preparing sheet music for printing.